I Prosper Daily (book)

Living the Life You Were Created To Live!
In an admirable effort to expand the traditional mindset, LaVincent and Terricka Hardy, founders of iProsper ®, and speakers, encourage you to live life without regret. You were created to prosper— not live an ordinary life. Through the conviction of their personal experiences, the author couple provokes thought reformation which leads to action and intentional pursuit. I Prosper Daily will awaken the passion within and create a relentless mindset to pursue your God-given purpose. The Hardy’s compiled 31 devotionals to build the confidence of God’s people. While this book speaks to the spirit, its message will advance men and women to identify their uniqueness and prosper. With devotional titles such as: Use It or Lose It, Take the Limits Off, and All or Nothing, the authors challenge you to confront your fears, eliminate excuses, and live your best life. Stimulating and powerful, I Prosper Daily: Living the Life You Were Created to Live is the ultimate tool to jump-start the prosperous life.
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