LaVincent Hardy, MBA

LaVincent Hardy is an author, motivational speaker, co-founder of iProsper®, and the Founder of GOE – Gentleman of Excellence. LaVincent’s love and concern for the community has injected hope, drive and inspiration into the lives of countless people. An integral man of principle, he truly believes he will reach the masses, to change the mindset of the young men of this generation.  He has dedicated his daily efforts to manifest this dream into a promising reality.

Within his community he is loved and respected for his selfless and inextinguishable efforts to inspire and motivate the young male population to excel in all of life’s encounters. He is a trusted mentor to many youth who appreciate his ability to relate to and understand their circumstances. LaVincent shares some of similar experiences when he was younger and is motivated to lend the lessons learned and wisdom gained to this generation of young males.

LaVincent has an open heart and door for those within his community who he selflessly advocates for. As the Founder of GOE LaVincent lends his voice, time, and support to helping the young male population overcome personal struggles prohibiting present and future excellence.

Through practical application he intends to transform young men into Gentlemen of Excellence even if he has to do it one at a time.

Terricka Hardy, LCSW, ACSW

Terricka Hardy, is an inspiring woman who has dedicated her life’s works to helping people overcome adversity and trauma through her accredited solution-focused therapy.  
An encouraging and motivational person by nature Terricka has affected lasting positive change in lives of many the application of professional and recognized therapy techniques in line with national standards. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work with a minor in Child Development, followed by a Master of Science in Social Work and a certification in Cognitive Therapy and now sits as a valuable member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers, nationally.
With a vast array of experience and professional training, Terricka Hardy is proudly a licensed clinical social worker, licensed school social worker, therapist, speaker, trainer,  and author.
Terricka has also specialized in assisting adults battle a wide range of mental health issues, alongside crisis management for high risk suicide patients, therapy for individuals who have attempted or contemplated suicide, clinical assessment of domestic violence offenders and psycho educational classes for divorcing parents.
Prior to founding iProsper, Terricka owned and operated her own private mental health practice that provided extensive mental health assessments and treatment plans.
Through engagement, education, and empowerment Terricka seeks to influence positive change in communities, individuals, and programs.